EP 38: Can You Really Make Millions of Dollars Simply Sending Emails? Tactical Tuesday w/ The DM!

Email is one of the most wasted assets entrepreneurs have access to. Would you send more emails if they could generate millions of dollars for your business? 

Of course you would! 

But most people don’t understand email marketing. A quarterly “newsletter” full of beautiful designs doesn’t cut it because it’s boring and nobody reads it.

Becoming better at email marketing isn’t hard, once you understand how it works. Be personable, consistent, and provide value then the rest will fall in place. 

In this episode, I reveal how email marketing is your secret weapon for generating more sales, getting a “pulse” on your market, and producing the biggest return-on-effort. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How simple, plain-text emails to a small list can generate so much interest your phones start melting (2:18) 
  • Why you don't need to have perfect grammar or fancy designs to send emails that produce millions of dollars (5:05) 
  • How your dog can help you write emails that rake in oodles of moolah (7:18) 
  • Why your small email list is more valuable than 100k+ followers on social media (9:20) 
  • Why email marketing is at least 20x more effective than social media (even if you have more followers on social media) (13:21) 
  • The “10-Minute Workday Method” that generates tens of thousands of dollars (23:16) 
  • How to use “Secret Agent Emails” that allow you to spy on your prospects and uncover their deepest, darkest secrets (37:12) 
  • Why anti-professional emails riddled with misspellings and slang work better than ultra-professional emails (38:03) 

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