EP 39: If I Lost It ALL Today... Money, Contacts, Etc... What Would I Do? How Would I Rebuild?

What would you do if you lost everything today? Do you think you’d be able to become as successful as you currently are or not? 

Want to know a secret? 

You should wake up every single day as if you lost everything the night before. Nothing will skyrocket your growth faster without letting your ego get out of control. 

Not only will it make you richer today, but you’ll be fully prepared if you do lose everything. 

In this episode, I’m revealing why waking up every morning with nothing is a shortcut to reaching your full potential (and more). 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Start From 0” Mentality that is a cheat code to becoming wildly successful in less time (1:39) 
  • How to start a real estate investing business from the ground up using nothing but Facebook (3:43) 
  • Why building a website is the dumbest and least profitable way to grow a business (12:27) 
  • The rarely talked about “Facebook Marketplace Secret” that lets you post ads without wasting a penny (16:16) 
  • How charging an extra $125 service fee on a $18,000 product can sabotage the entire deal (and the trick to get away with it) (19:54) 
  • Why labeling yourself automatically forces you to live below your potential (23:39) 
  • The “Laughing Formula” that boosts your emotional intelligence in 20 seconds or less (especially after you’ve been betrayed) (29:22) 
  • How letting your ego grow out of control transforms it into a monster that will ravage your bank account (33:04) 

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