EP 42: How To Be Confident In Unconfident Times. What I Learned By Nearly Going Bankrupt Twice.


The world is crashing and burning around us. And this is paralyzing most people with uncertainty, fear, and doubt. 

But not the most successful people. Instead, they’re using this time to double down on what they’re doing and building an unbreakable sense of confidence. 

Confidence is the great equalizer — it dismantles uncertainty, fear, and doubt and helps you overcome the most treacherous obstacles. 

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can develop a rock-hard confidence that will power you through any tough times (including the verge of bankruptcy).  

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Plan Approach” that builds unbreakable confidence (even if you’ve had massive failures) (3:11) 
  • How reducing your to-do list on your calendar to only one thing per day will skyrocket your growth (4:18) 
  • The insidious way fear manipulates you into sabotaging your business (and how to banish it from your life for good) (6:07) 
  • How watching the news cripples your confidence (7:01) 
  • Why making wrong decisions will grow your business more than being paralyzed by fear (15:35) 
  • How the verge of bankruptcy can fuel your most profitable year in business (20:00) 
  • The “Haiti Trip Trick” that instantly obliterates your victim mindset (29:21) 
  • How excuses slowly rob your confidence and ability to succeed (33:35) 

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