EP 43: What Gets Measured Get Improved

Most business owners think that they can measure their business success by their bank account. But nothing is further from the truth. 

Your bank account is one of the worst indicators to track your business success. And measuring your success by your cash in the bank can wreak havoc on your growth — especially as you make more money. 

So what should you track instead? 

In this episode, I’m revealing how tracking the right data will take emotion out of your business so you can massively scale it regardless of what’s happening in the world. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How stepping on a scale every morning will make your business more successful (4:02) 
  • The “KPIs don’t lie” method that makes firing underperformers a breeze (especially if firing people makes you queasy) (12:32) 
  • The insidious way making more money than ever before slowly bankrupts you (16:37) 
  • The “Chapter In A Book Mindset” that transforms your dumbest failures into your biggest wins (25:02) 
  • Why chasing money is a game that will sabotage your bank account and sanity (37:27) 

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