EP 45: When You Sell Them, Don’t Forget Them...

Too many businesses owners have amnesia after the sale. They’re too focused on finding new customers that they neglect the customers they already have. 

What most business owners don’t realize is that they’re blowing a hole in their bank account by forgetting their customers. Your current customers can make you 100x more money if you show them you care. 

Not only will they buy more from you, but you can turn them into unpaid interns that share your business with the world. 

In this episode, I’m revealing how powerful (and profitable) it is to treat your current customers like your best friends. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Care360 Method” for building a culture in your business that makes the world a better place (without selling anything) (1:26) 
  • The “VIP Section Secret” that adds a boatload of money to your bank account today without getting one new customer (9:12) 
  • How buying a 6-figure watch makes you more financially disciplined and successful (12:14) 
  • The weird way sending your clients a $5 gift can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for you by the end of the year (17:48) 
  • How to turn your clients into marketers that work for you for free (19:14) 
  • Dan Kennedy’s “$100 Letter Trick” that you can send to your top 10 clients and do another deal with them this week (40:42) 
  • How to clear over 1 million dollars from a list of 5,000 people while businesses with over 1 million people on their list struggle to make half a million dollars (42:58) 

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