EP 48: LAST SHOW OF 2020: CASH IN THE BANK! In 5 Years From Today, How Much CASH Will Be In YOUR Bank Account?

Most people dream too small. And even though everyone has a different excuse, it can all be fixed with one thing: auditing your thoughts. 

We are all filled with negative thoughts that stunt our growth if we don’t ask where they come from. Almost every time, they come from a fear or doubt from something we learned early in our lives. 

That’s why I’m challenging you to write down an outrageously high number that you want in your bank account in 5 years in this episode. And you’ll “unlock” the most powerful parts of your brain to make it happen quicker than you think. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why you must kill yourself if you ever want 20 million (or more) in your bank account (13:03) 
  • The “Vacation Technique” that tricks your brain into getting more done in 5 days than you have in 5 months (20:07)
  • How to “hardwire” your brain to reach all your most outlandish dreams in half the time you thought (20:44) 
  • The “Thought Audit System” that derails negative self-talk that prevents you from making millions of dollars because you’re worried you won’t be there for your family (32:02) 
  • How asking yourself wacky and nonsensical questions about your future helps your brain effortlessly find solutions (33:02) 
  • The “20 million in 5 years experiment” that instantly reveals your biggest insecurities and doubts so you can silence them (34:37) 

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