EP 49: Knowing What You Don’t Want Is More Important Than What You Do Want!

People are always talking about what they want. They create dream boards filled with every material item they want in life. But they don’t focus on what they don’t want to do. 

Nothing is as powerful as realizing what you don’t want to do. Ignoring what you don’t want to do can cripple your freedom, sabotage your sanity, and push you to the brink of suicide. Even if everyone on the planet is jealous about what you have. 

In this episode, I’m revealing why a “nightmare board” is more powerful at helping you achieve your dreams than a dream board. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Nightmare Board” trick that helps you build a profitable business that serves you instead of slaving to a high-paying job (1:05) 
  • How creating an ultra-successful, multi-million dollar company can leave you with a gun in your mouth (and how to prevent it) (8:25) 
  • Why wearing pink can explode your sales (21:48)  
  • The “Kill Someone Mindset” that reveals exactly what you want out of life with crystal clear certainty (27:28) 

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