EP 55: How Being Bullied Has Made Me Millions Of Dollars

We all have bullies in business. We usually call them haters.

I love all my bullies — and you should too. As a child, nothing taught me more about business than getting bullied by dirtbag kids.

In fact, I’ve made millions of dollars as a direct result of being bullied. The problem with society today is that the next generation is coddled too much.

Nothing is more dangerous to your kid’s success than coddling them or handing them a trophy when they’ve accomplished nothing.

In this episode, I get real and reveal how to use your past or current bullies as fuel and how to be a better parent than every other parent on earth.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why being bullied is the best way to get real world business lessons as a kid (12:57)
  • The “Villain’s Secret” for becoming the most powerful being that you can easily adapt to your business and dominate your market (19:04)
  • Why hitting the gym every day grows your business (21:40)
  • How your children becoming drug addicts is your sole responsibility as the parent (and how to prevent this from happening) (29:25)
  • Why coddling your children prevents them from ever owning a multi-million dollar business (31:01)

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