EP 62: Do You REALLY Have The Hustle Muscle?

Most entrepreneurs pretend they have the hustle muscle. They post their highlight reels on social media and act like they’re crushing it. But they’re allergic to action and their social media pages are full of lies.

Does that sound like you? It doesn’t matter what skills you have, how much cashola is in your bank account, or how many high-performers you know. If you don’t have the hustle muscle, you’ll never become wealthy.

But if you do have the hustle muscle? Even if you’re not where you want to be today, you will get there.

In this episode, I’m giving you a reality check by sharing how your hustle muscle will either make you millions or keep you average.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How my former car washer became a millionaire at 24 in under 3 years of wholesaling real estate (2:11)
  • The only 3 ingredients you need to become a millionaire (even if you have no skills and $0 in your bank account) (4:05)
  • How to make $500,000 (or more) a year by sending texts and emails while sitting on the beach in sunny Palm Beach, Florida (8:09)
  • The laughably simple, yet difficult way to become a business mogul (11:00)
  • How flexing your “hustle muscle” every day adds a 0 to your bank account by the end of this year (20:22)
  • The weird way your brain tricks you into being average (and how to slaughter this mindset quirk to become great) (42:18)

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