EP 64: Are You Too Smart For Your Own Good?

Business is funny. Straight up dummies have an easy time making millions of dollars while an IQ of 150 or more lands you in middle management or running a business that doesn’t crack 6 figures.

Why is this?

Smart people live too much in “theory world” — which robs them of their ability to act. The dummies act first and ask questions later.

It sounds silly, but I’m one of the dumbest people I’ve met and every smart person I know struggles making 7 figures.

In this episode, I’m giving you permission to dumb yourself down so you can make more money and buy more freedom than most people experience in their entire lives.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Rolls Royce Strategy” that keeps you more focused than guzzling down stimulants (even when you’re raking in millions of dollars every year) (5:23)
  • How your intelligence is keeping you dirt broke (6:51)
  • Why you’re a fake entrepreneur if you make less than 100 grand a year (and the simple way to make 100 grand a month) (10:32)
  • The sneaky way books, courses, and planning subconsciously steals your happiness, finances, and your family’s future (12:27)
  • Why borderline idiots make millions every year while nerds don’t even crack 6 figures (13:12)
  • The weird way massive success stunts your growth and can make you poor again (21:13)
  • How to become a “timenaire” (and why it makes you richer than a multi-billionaire) (25:18)
  • Why solopreneurs hijack their sanity, bank accounts, and freedom without even realizing it (and why wasting your money on people you can’t afford skyrockets your business) (31:32)

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