EP 65: Frustrated By NOT Accomplishing BIG Things in Your Business and Life

There’s a lot of stupid things entrepreneurs do that subconsciously sabotages their business — like saving money on groceries, spending time in the weeds, and not dreaming up a bigger vision for your company.

This happens because you live in fear. But the wealthiest people among us know certain tricks that minimizes this fear so they can create massive success.

In this episode, I’m revealing what these simple secrets are so you can use them and finally accomplish BIG things in your business and life.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The strange way saving money in your personal life stunts your business growth (2:01)
  • Why total failures always end up being more successful than “armchair entrepreneurs” who never try (5:03)
  • The “Chihuahua Trap” that tricks business owners into thinking they’re playing big when they’re actually suffocating their growth by playing small (11:23)
  • Feeling frustrated you’re not growing to the next level in your business? Here’s how giving 30% of what’s in your bank account almost instantly takes you there (13:08)
  • The special muscle only the ultra wealthy have that gives them secret powers for growing their business (and how to build this muscle if you only have a few grand in the bank) (14:13)
  • The “Double G’s Strategy” that makes you uncomfortably wealthy at breakneck speed (17:30)
  • How to start a business and generate $15,000 in 4-7 minutes (even if you have no business experience) (31:29)

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