EP 66: How to Win more in life and business with this one action. Best part is YOU can control it!

There are too many good people who can’t get ahead in their life or business.

But there’s a common reason why:

They say they’ll do something, but never do it. Nothing separates the winners from the losers more than sticking to your word — especially when you’d need to cut off your arm in order to stick to your word.

Nothing is more important than your word. And nothing can create more wealth or more misery than your word.

In this episode, I reveal the importance of your word and how it can either drown you in opportunities or mediocrity.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Travel Effect” that helps you knock out your chaotic to-do list in 48 hours or less (1:58)
  • The 3-word, but radically destructive reason why you’re always struggling and never get ahead in life (6:09)
  • How Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones helps you avoid committing business-crippling financial disasters (7:08)
  • The weird way having the best lawyers work for you can bankrupt your business (7:49)
  • How to effortlessly attract opportunities that pay you more than most people make in their life (11:09)
  • Why lying is the common denominator behind why you’re always sick, dealing with tragedy, and not where you want to be in life (21:18)
  • The “Universe Curveball” that once conquered forever lets you live on easy street where you never worry about money again (22:56)

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