EP 67: Words Can Change Your Life If You Know What They Actually Mean

Words have more power than you give them credit for. The difference between living a mediocre life and becoming stinkin’, filthy rich is in the words you use. The right words can make your wildest dreams come true. But the wrong ones will doom you to fail.

For example, if you want financial freedom, you have to know exactly how much money you need to make. But too often, we set broad goals without specific numbers. We don’t realize this makes it impossible to reach those goals - even if we work hard every day.

In this episode, I’m sharing the importance of the words you use. You’ll also discover how to use words to become happier, healthier, and richer than you ever thought possible. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why wanting to be rich and happy are surefire ways to end up broke and depressed (3:11) 
  • How building your net worth stunts your wealth (even if every guru says it will make you rich) (5:33) 
  • Why having $200 million in the bank doesn’t protect you from bankruptcy (and the only way to prevent losing all your cashola) (6:22) 
  • The simple, yet difficult way to never let Shiny Object Syndrome manipulate you again (8:07) 
  • Why setting broad goals guarantees you’ll never reach them (and the easy way to surpass even your wildest dreams) (11:29) 
  • The weird way to improve your marriage, add a 0 to your bank account, and create freedom out of thin air by using nothing but words. (18:07) 

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