EP 73: The Secret Behind Hitting $1,018,000 In One Week

Not all businesses are created equal. In some industries, you have to fight tooth and nail to only break even. But in other businesses, you can clear 8 figures without even understanding how the day-to-day works. 

Here’s why I bring it up: 

My new ecommerce business hit $1,018,000 in one week. It would’ve been impossible to do this in real estate in the same amount of time. 

Best part? 

I don’t even know how the day-to-day works in this business! 

In this episode, I’m sharing how some business models are more profitable than others. And how you can start a lucrative business without even knowing how it works. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why data is the single biggest revenue driver for real estate investors (10:17) 
  • Are you doing everything in your business by yourself? Here’s why you’re only delaying your bankruptcy (13:30) 
  • How to own businesses that you have no idea how they work and turn them into an income-generating machine (14:02)
  • How to take a business from making nada to clearing $36 million a year in 12 months or less (20:36) 
  • Why firing your problem clients is a secret only the wealthiest entrepreneurs realize (28:09) 

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