EP 74: Throw in the Towel or Push Forward

There’s a lot of times in business and life when we want to throw in the towel. Maybe you lose a big 7-figure deal and want to close up shop. Or you’re tired in the gym and want to quit and go home. 

But here’s the thing that separates winners from losers:

Winners push forward — especially when life punches them in the face. Losers give up, return to their mediocre life, and talk about their past accomplishments. 

Which one are you? 

If you’re not pushing forward every day, you’re destined to end up a loser. In this episode, I reveal how to keep pushing forward despite everything falling apart around you. Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The counterintuitive way lending 7 figures to somebody who ghosts you makes you a more savvy entrepreneur (1:50) 
  • How “active connection” makes you wealthier, grows your friendships deeper, and transforms your worst days into pure bliss (5:14) 
  • Why something as simple as walking around the block makes it impossible to throw yourself a pity party (especially when life gets rough) (8:39) 
  • How trying to grow your business with your bank account is a recipe to become dirt broke (and how to use other people’s money to fund your dreams) (14:14) 
  • Why celebrating your wildest accomplishments stunts your growth (18:17) 
  • How to get paid for a round trip on a private plane instead of paying (22:41) 

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