EP 75: How I've Made Millions B.S.'n On The Phone Since 05'

There’s nothing in the world more profitable than B.S.’n on the phone. I’ve made millions of dollars B.S.’n on the phone since 2005. And you can too. 

But you can’t make millions of dollars B.S.’n on the phone if you’re still hanging around the same people you hung out with in high school. If you want to use your smartphone to generate millions, you need to change your conversations and who you’re talking to. 

In this episode, I reveal the “right” way to B.S. on the phone so you can make millions of dollars from anywhere in the world.

Ready to stop being a location and time slave? Listen to the episode now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why being lazy gives you an unfair advantage for making your wallet fatter than a kid who loves cake (5:00) 
  • The “B.S.’n on the phone” method that transforms any company in any industry into a million dollar brand (5:44) 
  • Why sucking at selling is the best way to become a multi-million dollar salesperson (7:25) 
  • How to generate mid 6 figures in 4 hours (or less) using nothing other than what’s already in your pocket (13:23) 
  • Why talking too much ruins sales calls and makes a “sold” client change his mind (14:31) 
  • How “wasting” $50k on a mastermind makes you wealthier in the next 72 hours than you’ve made your whole life (40:40) 
  • The weird way peer pressure drives more business growth than evert marketing tactic under the sun (47:43) 

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