EP 76: Confessions of a Socially Awkward "BlackSheep"

Entrepreneurs usually feel like “BlackSheep” when they hang around their family and old friends from high school. 


Hanging out with these people makes you realize how different you are. They compete about who has the biggest problems. But nobody mentions a solution. When you try to offer a solution, you’re ridiculed because you’re wealthy. 

If you hang around these people enough, they’ll crush all of your wildest dreams with their words.

And the reverse is true: 

If you hang around other successful entrepreneurs, they’ll stoke the flames that make your craziest dreams inevitable. 

In this episode, I’m revealing why you want to be the “BlackSheep” of your family. And how to unlock the million dollar multiplier super power that can change your family tree forever. Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How hanging around your family too much stunts your business growth (even if you love them) (3:35) 
  • The “Protect Your Brain” secret that explains why multi-millionaires only have a few close friends (10:54) 
  • Why taking vacations sabotage your momentum (even if you want to build a lifestyle business) (14:35) 
  • How your family tricks you into staging into a high-paying job you hate (23:23) 
  • Why bailing on your mastermind before your 10-year anniversary is like lighting a stack of cash on fire (28:11) 
  • How being the dumbest person in the room helps you grow from 20 million to 100 million in 18 months (or less) (36:53) 

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