I see people following the wrong people on social media every day. They talk a big game, but they give you downright wrong advice. 


These social media gurus steal your ability to get stinkin’, filthy rich. They pretend to be someone they’re not and they dupe a lot of people along the way. 

But don’t worry, I have an antidote. It will take some work. But if you do it, you’ll never have to worry about money, reaching your potential, or getting tricked by gurus online. 

In this episode, I reveal what the antidote to social media gurus is and how you can use it to become wealthier, healthier, and happier. Listen to the episode now.  

Show highlights include: 

  • Why saying you grew up poor is an excuse that will keep you broke your whole life (and how to turn it into an advantage) (4:58) 
  • How hiring the wrong team members is the single best way to find all-stars (8:22) 
  • Why you’re ahead of me in business if you listen to this podcast (even if you’re not as wealthy as you want to be) (9:21) 
  • Why paying for a car with cash is stupid financial advice (and the case for doing it anyway) (10:51) 
  • How social media gurus steal your joy, your future, and your earning potential from you (12:26) 
  • 2 important metrics to consider when partnering with someone before you even think about how much bread you’ll make (15:31) 
  • The “Anti-GaryVee” business model for getting stinkin’, filthy rich (without working 20 hours every day) (28:22) 
  • Why writing down what’s important to you gives you a cheat code for accomplishing everything you want from life (45:32)  

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