EP 80: Confidence Will Make You Rich AF

Confidence is one of the best secrets for success. Every single wealthy person I know overflows with confidence. 

While confidence is hard to build, most people make it much more difficult than they need to. And in fact, they’ve even conditioned themselves to only feel confident when they’re losing. 

That’s a recipe for failure. But when you discover how to build your confidence the right way, you will become rich AF. 

In this episode, I reveal why your confidence is the most important “asset” you have. And how to rebuild your confidence when it slips. Listen to the episode now.

Show highlights include: 

  • How overthinking strips away your confidence, fills you with doubt, and can bankrupt your business (3:29) 
  • The “After Hours Cold Call” strategy that can help you land a new property by the end of the day (and how to apply this strategy to any industry) (7:42) 
  • Why calling your parents is one of the most profitable business secrets you never heard of (9:24) 
  • 2 simple, yet difficult ways to build your self-esteem when you’re feeling like a loser (10:23) 
  • The weird way not using an alarm clock instantly boosts your confidence (18:42) 
  • Why wearing a suit to work cripples your confidence (and why wearing flip-flops raises your confidence) (24:22) 
  • The backwards way telling your clients you don’t know the answer to their problems improves your self-esteem (28:43)  
  • How to use your most humiliating failures to skyrocket your confidence (33:58) 

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