EP 81: One of the BIGGEST Mistakes I Made In My Life and Business As I Was Growing

When I was a younger entrepreneur, I made one massive mistake over and over again. This single mistake has cost me billion of dollars — yes, with a B. 

And you know what? 

I see other business owners making this mistake every single day. Not only does this mistake steal your money, but it also robs you of your time. And you can never get your time back. 

In this episode, I reveal what this money-eating mistake is and how you can prevent making this same mistake in your life. Listen to the episode now before you lose any more money from this mistake.

Show highlights include: 

  • The single biggest “cost mistake” entrepreneurs don’t realize that costs them billions of dollars (4:57) 
  • Why trying to save a few extra bucks is one of the most expensive ways to spend your time (5:33) 
  • How common blue collar phrases you hear as a kid conditions you to be broke (and how to break out of your mental programming) (8:16) 
  • Why going to the most expensive steak house in your city has an unlimited ROI (13:52) 
  • The “Four Seasons” secret that can connect you with multi-million dollar founders in 15 minutes (or less) (20:04) 
  • Why saving 3 pennies can wipe out an entire income stream overnight (25:42) 
  • The simple, yet difficult “value” mindset shift that can solve almost all your problems by the end of the year (36:12) 

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