EP 82: Why Traditional Thinking Will Cripple Your Life and Business and How to Fix It!

Entrepreneurs fall into conventional thinking patterns and habits too often. While advice like “follow a routine” can be helpful, it also strangles your growth. 


Because you’ll never unlock creative growth with traditional thinking! 

The only way to unlock creative solutions to your problems is by thinking outside the box instead of trapping yourself inside it. 

In this episode, I reveal how dangerous traditional thinking is to your business’s potential. And easy ways to start flexing your creative muscles so your business explodes. Listen to the episode now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How creative thinking helps you close more real estate deals than any other investor in your area while on a month-long vacation (and how to apply this “skill” to everything you do) (8:11) 
  • The counterintuitive way knowing all the answers in your business suffocates your growth (9:27) 
  • Why asking outlandish questions “ethically forces” you and your team to grow in ways you can’t fathom right now (17:19) 
  • The weird way driving a different way to the gas station helps your business experience unprecedented growth (19:46) 
  • How not using a GPS unlocks your awareness goal that skyrockets your business growth (21:20) 
  • The insidious way following a routine every day puts your business in an early grave (23:59) 
  • The “Uber Secret” that let them become the largest taxi company in the world without owning a single car (and how to apply this secret to your industry) (34:25) 

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