EP 84: Who do YOU share your wins with? - Not who YOU think...

Most people are scared to share their wins on social media. They’re afraid their family, friends, or random strangers will judge them.

But this is selfishness at its highest. What if your win inspired someone else to win big?

Here’s the truth: Haters come your way no matter what. But if you let them win, you’ll end up as an average person like they are.

You might as well benefit from your haters by sharing your wins instead of inviting them to join in on your misery and mediocrity.

In this episode, I reveal the importance of sharing. Not only for you, but for all your followers and haters too. Listen to the episode now and prevent yourself from being average.

Show highlights include:

  • The weird way posting shallow brags on social media makes a profound difference in yru followers’ lives (9:17)
  • Why you want to attract haters (even if they’re family members or your best friend from high school) (11:27)
  • How your subconscious minimizes your dreams and imprisons you to a life of mediocrity (18:35)
  • The “Rolls Royce Phantom” secret that amps your sales team up more than guzzling methamphetamines and binging every Tony Robbins motivational video (20:47)
  • Why not bragging about your wins on social media is one of the most selfish things you can do (27:09)

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