EP 85: The Million Dollar Goldmine You Have That You Don’t Even Know

Facebook and Instagram crashed a couple of weeks back. And online entrepreneurs ran around like a chicken with its head chopped off wondering how they’d make money.

The only reason they scrambled was because they didn’t realize this powerful marketing strategy was right under their noses. In fact, this marketing channel also protects you from the woke ban-hammer Big Tech slams down without hesitation.

Here’s the truth: What’s this secret marketing strategy?

Email marketing.

In this episode, you’ll discover why email marketing is the most effective marketing channel. I reveal why your email marketing isn’t working. And how to use email marketing to generate millions and millions of dollars.

Listen to the episode now before you send out another email.

Show highlights include:

  • The most overlooked, yet profitable marketing strategy that will make you a millionaire (even if you’re broke right now) (4:17)
  • How emailing like a human instead of a corporate behemoth is like having your own printing press (5:57)
  • The trippy way to clear 6 figures every month with email marketing without selling anything (7:44)
  • The “Ownership Secret” that makes email marketing immune to the woke whims of Big Tech companies (9:51)
  • The dirt-simple 2-step process you can do today that adds another 0 to your monthly income (10:55)
  • Why sending one email to your prospects is more effective than calling them 83 times (15:09)
  • How restaurants can create “Grand Opening” type buzz with waiting lists out the wazoo whenever they want (16:46)
  • The “Convenience Concept” that transformed Amazon from an online bookstore into a trillion dollar brand (and how to apply this to your business) (22:33)
  • Why nobody reads or buys from your monthly newsletter (and how to fix it so 30% of your revenue comes from email marketing) (23:28)

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