EP 88: Why MOST Will Always Be BROKE!

Here’s a cold, hard truth that you don’t want to hear:

Most people will always be broke. And yes, that probably includes you.


Because you’re thinking too small. Even if everyone around you thinks you’re wealthy and successful, you’re still thinking too small.

In this episode, I’m giving you permission to think big. And I reveal how thinking bigger will put more money into your bank account than you can even dream of.

Listen to the episode now before your small time mindset wrecks your wealth.

Show highlights include:

  • How your inner voice sabotages your wealth potential (and the commitment trick that thwarts your inner voice) (1:57)
  • The “Magician vs Mule” method for closing the biggest deal of your life by the end of this year (4:29)
  • Here’s the brutal truth about why you’ll always be broke (and the 3-second mindset shift to become stupid, filthy rich) (17:11)
  • The insidious way “small time thinking” creeps into your psyche and poisons your bank account (19:59)
  • How developing ruthless patience adds at least two 0’s to your bank account (32:27)
  • The “Solution-Driven” secret for helping wealthier people than you and fast-tracking your own wealth (38:56)

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