EP 89: Experiences Over Everything. Why the End Goal Has Never Been and Never Will Be Money...

Whenever you throw a holiday or host a business event, you have a massive opportunity.

What’s this opportunity?

You have the chance to bring people into your “universe,” blow them away, and create a lifelong memory in their heads. It inspires your family members to reach their full potential. It makes you the only person other entrepreneurs want to work with. And it even makes your wallet fatter.

Best part?

This gives your small business an immediate advantage over giant corporations.

In this episode, I reveal how prioritizing experiences over everything else unlocks more wealth and opportunities than anything else you do.

Listen to the episode now so you can start creating these over-the-top experiences before Christmas.

Show highlights include:

  • Why skipping out on holidays with your family to grind fills you with regret that no amount of money can solve (3:52)
  • How shelling out 6 grand for Thanksgiving dinner inspires both you and everyone else you invite over (7:47)
  • Why winning a backyard football game makes it easier to succeed in business (15:11)
  • The “Memory Creation Method” for enchanting your family, team members, customers, and potential partners with your brand and vision (16:06)
  • The simple “giving” mindset tweak that can add an extra 0 to your bank account by this time next year (19:41)
  • How wasting money on expensive gifts for your customers raises your financial thermostat and magnetizes moolah to you (26:03)
  • Why small businesses will always have a massive advantage over giant corporations (and the personalization secret that unlocks this advantage) (33:27)

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