EP 90: How I Was Able to Raise Over $122 Million Dollars for My Businesses with NO Banks...

Most people don’t talk about money because they’re afraid of being judged by others. But nothing unlocks more wealth and opportunities in your life than talking about money.


Because money solves problems. And everyone, no matter how rich or poor, has problems money can solve.

In fact, I’ve raised over $122 million dollars for my businesses with no banks because I talk about money every single day. And you can do the same too.

In this episode, I’m breaking down all your bad money beliefs so you can become wealthier than your dreams.

Listen to this episode and discover the secret to getting all the money you’ll ever need.

Show highlights include:

  • The almost too simple approach for raising millions in a couple of days that everyone overlooks (5:55)
  • The “Kill Yourself” mindset tweak for unlocking everything you want out of life (8:15)
  • Why it’s easier to raise money from random strangers than people in your network (11:25)
  • How to stop being a slave to money so you can become wealthier than your wildest dreams (13:08)
  • The simple question that opens up massive money-making doors for you in an instant (19:02)
  • The “Planting Seeds” secret for investing in huge opportunities when you’re “cash poor” (33:28)

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