EP 98: The First Thing I Do Before Starting or Buying Any Business...


Everyone says they want to grow their business, but they never take the steps to make it possible. What got you to where you are now can’t take you where you want to go. 

Here’s what that means: 

You have to change your thoughts if you want to create generational wealth. And there are two simple strategies that change your thought process for good. These strategies are so powerful they can turn a $130,000 yacht trip into a profitable business idea. 

In this episode, I reveal these two simple strategies so opportunities are attracted to you like bees are honey. 

Listen to the episode now and open your mind to multi-million dollar possibilities. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why patience is a cheat code for flipping agonizing (and expensive) failures into massive successes (4:38) 
  • The “Who, Not How” method for melting away your stress as your business grows by leaps and bounds (8:43) 
  • Why “passive” income is a myth (and how understanding this helps your money make money) (9:42) 
  • How changing the questions you ask yourself transforms a $130,000 vacation on a yacht into a money printer (12:59) 
  • The “money goggles” trick for magnetizing moolah into your pockets (19:08) 
  • Why biting off more than you can financially chew “forces” you to level up (33:13) 
  • The 3-pronged “paid to buy, rent, and sell” strategy that makes your grandchildren rich (34:55) 

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