EP 99: The Random Show that's NOT so Random... Real Talk in Real Time...


Society brainwashed you. Your parents brainwashed you. The school system brainwashed you. And our government brainwashed you. 

Here’s the problem: 

Sociopaths lurk everywhere. They’re in schools, governments, and corporations. And they want you to submit to their evil intentions.

There’s an antidote to this: Controlling your own life. 

In this episode, I reveal some easy ways to take back control of your life, so you protect yourself and your family before it’s too late. 

Listen to the episode now and unlock the courage you need to help save society. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The insidious way society, your parents, and the school system financially “defile” you (4:03) 
  • The sleazy “carrot trick” business gurus use to make you happy when they steal your money (10:56) 
  • How to save 9000% on your hospital bills when having a baby (18:38) 
  • Why comparison puts your anxiety on steroids (22:21) 
  • How to connect and network with multimillionaires by sitting at a bar in khakis and a funny shirt (23:32) 
  • Why achieving your wildest business goals makes your children hate you (and how to prevent this without sacrificing your success) (38:36) 

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