EP 91: Why Entrepreneurship Will Save America...

As entrepreneurs, we provide the products and services that help over 48% of the population feed their families and enjoy their lives. 

As a business owner we don't just look after our customers, we look over our "2nd Family." And this episode reveals how you can get free money you never have to pay back to reinvest in your “2nd Family.” 

In this episode, I'll show you how I'm helping save this country. And I share a “free money” program for business owners that most don’t know exist.  

Listen to the episode now, discover how to get free money, and help save this great country. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why grinding out for your business dreams when your bank account’s negative gives you superhuman business-building power (4:26) 
  • How to get free money if you’re a business owner with W2 employees (and NEVER have to pay it back) (5:36) 
  • The “ERC” trick for giving your business a cash infusion (and the insidious reason your bookkeeper kept this free money trick a secret) (12:32) 
  • Why our government is begging you to accept free money today if you had W2 employees during the 2020 crisis (14:20) 
  • The “sleep-in-your-car” mindset tweak that separates $50 million entrepreneurs from $50k ones (21:24) 
  • How to help any struggling business owner you know in 30 seconds (or less) (25:45) 

Go to https://markevansdm.com/erc to get a free document you can download that shows you how to use the concepts mentioned in today’s show to become stinkin’, filthy rich.

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